Tarzan and the Fires of Kohr

Tarzan and the Fires of Kohr


Dan Barry

(July 11, 1923 - January 25, 1997)

Dan Barry, born in Long Beach, New Jersey, began his carrerworking in the comic book field through George and Alan Mandelin 1941. He worked on a variety of comics including Airboy,Doc Savage and numerous comic characters. Along with Leonard Starr, Stan Drake and his brother Sy Barry, he helped define and exemplify a particular kind of "New York Slick" style which was characterized by careful attention to lines, a realistic style, and the clear delineation of textures. In 1943 he entered the Air Force, where he drew a comic strip for a service magazine. After the war, he returned to the comics field, drawing stories for titles like Crimebusters and The Heap. He did freelance work for several magazines and built up a business producing advertising and educational comics. His client list included Blue Cross, International Harvester, the National Association of Manufacturers andthe Army Reorientation Branch.From 1947-48 he drew the Tarzan daily strip, then in 1951 revived the Flash Gordon daily strip. Dan Barry was one of the first artists to regularly get credit in comics for his work in the 50s, a time when that didn't happen often.When artist Mac Raboy died in 1967, Barry assumed responsibility of the Flash Gordon Sunday strip also. He created the official poster for the 1980 movie version of Flash Gordon. His last work was for Dark Horse Comics, where he wrote and drew many Indiana Jones and Predator comic books. Dan Barry's brother, Sy Barry, was an artist onThe Phantom.


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